About Managing Change, LLC

As founder and CEO of Managing Change LLC, Ronald Allen’s goal is be the Mid-Atlantic’s premier authority on the human side of change management.

Ronald bring decades of experience to his change management work.  Not only as a seasoned professional, but also as a British immigrant to the United States.  He has helped many organizations translate change initiatives into organizational success, and countless individuals translate uncertainty into the realization of their goals. 

An expert business consultant, coach and speaker, Ronald’s primary clientele is four-fold:

Corporate Executives orchestrating large-scale change initiatives, and their managers, supervisors and employees;

Public and Non-Profit Leaders orchestrating major change initiatives, and their managers, supervisors and employees;

Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs engaged in growing and managing their business;

Employees and Other Individuals facing life changes who desire their own coaching and support.

Ronald M. Allen is passionate about his work, as evidenced by his dedication to the Managing Life’s Changes community.  He takes great pride in helping organizations and individuals around the world tap into their latent resources to manage change successfully and realize their true potential.