Business Consulting

The greatest asset of any business is the contribution of its employees.  But first the business must develop and communicate an engaging Why!

An authority on the human side of Change Management, Ronald M. Allen employs a methodology that engages the key element in any change initiative – your people.  With experience in the banking, retail, telecommunications, health care, airline, sports, design and mortgage industries, Ronald brings an eclectic perspective to both the strategic and tactical applications of any change initiative.

Drawing from 650 project leaders and change management practitioners representing organizations from 62 countries, you can avoid costly mistakes as Ronald shares with you what works.

Here are just some of the dimensions that he will help you to address:

• Change Management ROI
• Integrating Change Management and Project Management

• Building and Measuring Change Agility
• Building Organizational Capabilities

Ronald is uniquely qualified to help your organization profit via change management, and he is available to provide assistance via one, two or all three of these methodologies/options:



In this capacity, Ronald serves as your "backstage" resource.  He participates in the key meetings of the team charged with effecting the transition.  He provides an external perspective grounded in research, education and experience.  He acts as a sounding board for your goals, objectives and plans.  He suggests ideas, techniques and timing considerations for implementation steps.  He plays devil’s advocate regarding key decisions.  He attends meetings as often as needed.  He is continuously accessible by phone, Skype and email for discussion and advice.


In this capacity, Ronald also consults with key managers and team leaders, assisting them in their role as change agents and exemplars of change.  He recommends adjustments to systems and procedures so that they work optimally within the new structure.  He creates tools to evaluate effectiveness over time.  He is available to additional personnel, as needed, in addition to the primary team members.


In addition to the Advisory and Consultative roles, in this capacity Ronald recommends specific work distribution and personnel changes.  He provides coaching and skills training to "stuck" employees identified by the primary team.  (See 'Coaching for Leaders & Employees.')  Ultimately, he conducts a substantive "results" audit to measure success relative to the initially established baseline, and helps to identify next steps for ongoing process improvement.