Coaching / Mentoring

Coaching for Leaders & Employees

In addition to business consulting, Ronald is available to assist leaders and employees on a 1:1 basis.  Funded by the employer, this coaching is aligned with the organization's larger change management initiative(s).

Ronald's coaching is sensitive to each person's cultural background, values, organizational role, job requirements, social support and personal strengths & weaknesses. 

His coaching helps individuals crystallize their goals, develop new perspectives, navigate obstacles, build skills, boost performance, and ultimately, successfully navigate change.

Having Ronald support your staff is an incredibly cost-effective way to reduce the risks of major change, including sabotage.  It is arguably the most effective way to boost confidence, increase engagement and enhance performance throughout the change management process.

Life Coaching for Individuals

Mahatma Ghandi was a masterful Strategic Interventionist.  His determination and skills transcended any particular culture, philosophy, organization or job description.

You can be a masterful Strategic Interventionist, too.  With my coaching and your determination, you can "win."  You can realize your life goals, no matter how intense your change management challenges are.

Life Coaching, by definition, is funded by you (not your employer).  It is completely confidential, and begins with an assessment of your goals, resources and commitment.  Are you serious about the changes you want to achieve?  Do you understand the level of commitment it takes to be successful?  Remember, Ronald is your Coach, not your friend.

Ronald's work is built upon what he calls "megastrategies."  These strategies are derived from decades of research, study and experience.  They can be practiced in everyday life with your friends, family and colleagues.  They are "master moves" that typically account for 80% of your success.

Along the way Ronald is mindful of four core principles and associated megastrategies:

  1. Starting Over
.  Letting go of the past and honoring the present.  Megastrategies:  Changing the Metaphor; Finding the Greatest Resource; Attributing Good Intentions; Expanding the Unit.
  2. Healing
.  Finding meaning and purpose.  Megastrategies:  Stages of Emotional and Spiritual Development; Discovering the Positive Intention; Elevation.
  3. Finding the Spark.  The power of you, identifying & magnifying strengths to create real results.  Megastrategies:  Finding the Spark; Elevation.
  4. Breaking Through
.  Overcoming fears and creating the life you deserve.  Megastrategies:  The Triad; Crazy Eight; Changing the Metaphor; Moving to the Next Life Stage.

Discover Your Life's Purpose.

Find Your Inner Game.

Identify Your Breakthrough Strategies.

Grow and Live Again.

I believe in everyone's ability to choose and manage their destiny.  Let me help you discover what you truly want and why you truly want it.  Let me help you create an action plan to truly transform your life.