Keynotes / Workshops

Can an Englishman with Scottish roots, Jewish ancestry and West Indian culture energize your audience about personal/professional development, peak performance and managing change? 


Ronald Allen has spent the past 30 years studying human behavior and using what he’s learned to help businesses and individuals become more productive and innovative.

He teaches how to connect with one’s powerful inner motivational force, enabling individuals to learn and develop effective skills for producing positive outcomes professionally and personally.

The end result?

Employees work better together.  They enjoy their work more.  Employers see increased productivity and profits.

Ronald is (among other things):

• The producer and host of the online Talk Radio program Managing Life’s Changes.
• An active member of the ASTD, SHRM, Rotarian and Toastmaster.
• One of the few speakers highlighted in the trade journal Sharing Ideas.
• The author of two personal development books, with a third to be published soon.

Ronald provides an eclectic perspective and rich content.  His presentations are thoughtful and adapted to each organization, audience and objective.  He is as comfortable in the Board Room as he is in the Call Center.

Here are just a few of Ronald’s past presentations:

• Recognize the Assets You Already Possess:
You have fought life’s battles; draw upon your inner knowledge.

•  Creating Mentors for Your Personal Improvement:
Every leader, high performance athlete and world-renowned
has a Personal Coach – where is yours?

•  Establish ‘Behavioral Gambits’ that Win for All:
How to create and maintain a forward thinking personality.

• The Silence Between the Notes is Everything:
How to create the inner peace that determines your success.

• What is a 4-Way Win?
Where does your level of understanding of great Customer Service end?

• Maintaining an Addiction to Learning:
When and where did you learn to do otherwise?

• Learn to Let Go and Stay in Control:
Why do we place so much value on external objects
when we’re right here inside?

• It’s a Family Affair – Let’s Communicate:
Why effective interpersonal communication is fundamental to a
winner’s relationship with others.

Ronald is available for Keynote presentations, convention openings, plenary sessions, breakout workshops, union meetings, motivational and inspirational talks, and even just to chat with and engage your audience, leaving them with a heightened vision of what they can achieve and how they can achieve it.

Please call Ronald today:  609.735.2761

He would love to hear about your event, and if he’s not the right person for the job, he’ll refer you to another speaker who may be the perfect fit.